When is a SWDM4 Transceiver the Right Choice?

In simple terms, SWDM4, or SWDM, is a standards-based interface for 40G & 100G connections over a multimode fiber pair, rather than a MPO/MTP connection. The SWDM4 standard is ideal for the upgrade to 40G or 100G within a two-fiber multimode cabling architecture. Thus eliminating the need for more fibers or adding MPO connectivity to complete the upgrade.

SWDM4 differs from the 40G QSFP+ “Bidi” in that it is standards based. Any SWDM4 from any manufacturer will be interoperable with one another. The 40 QSFP+ “Bidi” is a proprietary protocol that is not interoperable with other manufacturers or suppliers.

SWDM Specifications
Data Rates/Form Factors – 40G QSFP+, 100G QSFP28

Reach – Up to 440m at 40G; 150m for 100G

Connector Interface – Duplex MM LC
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